Publicado el 18 de mayo de 2023, 20:43


13/05/23. Abrera, Barcelona.


      He has been in and out of my life in various shapes and forms; I know he has other women…, but no one can render as he does. And when it comes to feelings, well! He can understand my emotions as well as my best friend! He really comes close to perfection in love and despair, so it is no wonder that, despite his lack of physical charm and beauty I felt for him…

He stood me up though in the midst of Edwin Drood as I will never know where he is hiding, as Datchery can’t find him either. So, I will just have to figure it out by myself. His sequel that is… and be content with that… as for the secrets of the mind We take away with us. And they are the greatest mysteries to unravel…


To C.D 

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